Was heisst Lebensqualität in Städten?


Im zweiten Semester werden wir eine Woche lang Rotterdam flattern lassen. Mit unseren Skizzen möchten wir die Stadt auffangen, aber auch darstellen, wie sie sich in Zukunft entwickeln soll. Als Vorbereitung dazu, haben wir uns Gedanken darüber gemacht, was Lebensqualität bedeutet. Die schönste Stadt der Welt hat dafür 50 Kriterien aufgestellt. Auf die nachfolgenden möchte ich mich während der Studienwoche konzentrieren:


anonymity #3
how often don’t you meet anybody you know?
How much anonymity is possible in your city?
Who watches whom?
Are there places where you can move unnoticed?

atmosphere #4
what charms you?
What inspires you in the city?
Where do you feel at ease?
How many faces does your city have?
How often are you getting a smile?
How quickly do you feel welcome?

heritage #9
what has been there forever?
How important are heroes in your city?
What is disappearing?
Is the city living off its memories?
How long is the half-life?
Is heritage a burden?

food #10
can everybody get enough?
Is there that unique fast-food in your city?
How much is the lunch menu?
How hungry are you on leaving the restaurant?
What happens to the left-overs?
What speciality is your city famous for?

festivities #11
are you proud of your city?
What do you dress up for?
Are you dancing through the streets?
Are there parties in the streets?
Are celebrations disturbing your sleep?
Is there a lot going on in town?

freedoms #12
may you light a fire in the town park?
Do you skip stones across the river water?
Where do you find kindred spirits?
What happens to black sheep?
Any foxes left in the city?
How about jogging in the graveyard?

home #17
do you feel at home?
Do you know your neighbors?
Where can you let go?
Do you drop in on people?
Is home related to language?
How does the waiter greet you?

internationality #19
who is there as well?
In how many languages is the menu printed?
How easy is it to remain a stranger?
With whom do you mix?
What is the cost of a visa?
Where do the natives get away from it all?

children #20
is the city a playground?
Do the children go to school by themselves?
Are you anxious about the kids?
Do you see the city with children’s eyes?
Are children a nuisance?

culture #23
is living an art?
How much is the city spending on culture?
Are films being shown in their original version?
Is there space for what is different?
Are museums free?

liveliness #24
is the pulse at 180?
Do people notice if you stand still?
At what time does the city wake up?
Do you go out by yourself?
Where is the action?

light #25
can you see the stars at night?
Where can you see the fireflies swarming?
Do you play hide-and-seek with your shadow?
What corners in town are attracting you?
What is being floodlit?
Does the sunlight reach into the alleys?

mobility #28
can you get everywhere?
Do you like to take the streetcar?
How quickly can you get across the city?
Are you up to crossing the labyrinth?
Does the cab driver take the shortest route?
Are there bicycle lanes?

names #30
does the name fulfil its promise?
After whom are the squares named?
Do the street-names make you dream?
What is there to read on your way?
What stories does the city tell you?

nature #31
how do you recognize the seasons?
Where do the animals live?
How long do the dead leaves lie around?
What does Nature reclaim?
How low-maintenance is nature in the city?

rituals #36
what does always come around?
Do you go to the opera gala?
What do you order after work?
When is the city decorated?
How do people greet each other?

security #37
does the city guard against you?
Do you feel safe in the street?
To whom do you turn in need?
Where dare you go?
Do the rich segregate?
Do you have to be careful?

topography #42
how is the view from above?
Can you see the horizon?
Which bicycle is right?
Do the buildings scrape the sky?
Does the Earth move?
Is the city’s silhouette ready to go on a postcard?

openness #48
can you be what you really are?
Does your city advertize its openness?
Which worlds remain out-of-bounds to you?
Have you arrived?
Where are the invisible borders?
Who is welcome, who isn’t?

times #49
is the city eternal?
When is ebb, when is flow?
When does the city sleep?
How does the winter feel?
What happens outside opening hours?
Do the shopping malls set the rhythm?


Auf ClimateScan werden Projekte aus aller Welt gezeigt, die schon bestehen. Folgende Lösungen interessieren mich besonders:

Green roofs and walls

Urban farming

Rainwater harvesting

Monitoring with underwater drones

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